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Finding An Internship + Job 

There are limited resources available to assist students in finding internships + jobs. Position Placer is an internship & job focused platform for students. We list current, up to date jobs that create equal opportunities for all students. 


Internships teach students real-world work experience and gives them an insight into the job field they could potentially be working in. Internships help students grow their interests, ideas, and experience. 

Students are challenged to find career opportunities


Applying to Career Opportunties

The Next Generation Hiring Platform

Application Format

Creating a resume for each internship you apply for creates a customized and tailored application. Create multiple resumes customized for each internship or create one resume and use it for each application.

Application Process

Applying to internships has never been as simple or organized, until now. Find internships that align with your passions and submit your resumes with just a few clicks. Use internships as a preview into your desired career field.

Creating Access

Position Placer was created with the goal of access in mind. According to a recent Forbes study, 91% of survey students revealed connections were the most important factor when obtaining an internship. Our goal is to create an organized, up to date internship platform focused on pairing students with internship opportunities. We believe every student should have access to future career opportunities, without having to rely on connections.

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