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4 Skills All Interns Must Have

Our world is constantly changing and evolving. It's important for all of us to realize we need to be constantly evolving and changing with it, specifically the in-demand job skills needed by employers. There are so many skills and abilities needed for all jobs, but this year's hard skills needed the most relate to tech. The soft skills however could surprise you.

Top 4 Hard Skills 2019:

4. People Management : One of the most difficult jobs of any manager is people management. Leading your team members to an effective victory can be extremely difficult.

3. Analytical Reasoning: Managers are looking for those with the ability to read information, evaluate the situation, and look for regularities and irregularities in the data. Having a strong attention to detail will contribute to strong analytical reasoning skills.

2. Artificial Intelligence: A popular term I often hear throughout the week, and becoming an increasingly important skill involves systems learning and developing automatically through a series of algorithms.

1. Cloud Computing: The number one hard skill, cloud computing, is a service used to to store, manage, and process data within the cloud. Cloud computing goes very in depth, but to scratch the surface, it can be broken into three main categories: Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Top 4 Soft Skills 2019:

4. Adaptability: In business, a curve ball can be thrown to you at any moment. How you react and handle the curve ball is adapting to the situation in front of you.

3. Collaboration: Partner work, sharing ideas, brainstorming, and working with multiple team members ensures a healthy work environment. Being able to work with others in a positive manner is imperative to a successful collaboration.

2. Persuasion: People who are persuasive are influential. They are able to convince others their point of view is correct. Persuasion is not just about convincing, but it can drive excitement and momentum about a new concept or project. Persuasion is an powerful vehicle to drive change in the direction you see most valuable.

1. Creativity: Individuals who are able to think outside the box offer incredible valuable, because they can think and view situations from different perspectives. Their point of view allows the company set them apart from their competitors.

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