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6 Tips For a College Student to Prepare For an Internship

Preparing for an internship is very important. We have laid out six key steps for you to properly begin your internship experience. Follow these six, and you are all set!

1. Research the company

Make sure to read the company’s website. There are various subheads to be knowledgeable about including ‘About the Company,’ ‘History,’ ‘What We Do,’ and so much more. It will be very helpful in having some background about the company you will work for as you begin your journey at your new internship. I have been asked several times in meetings with executives

‘Do you know what year we began?’ or ‘Do you know our values and mission statement?’ It makes me proud of myself when I can answer these questions satisfactorily. All of this information can be found in the subheads on the company’s website.

2. Accept that you are a beginner

Once you begin your internship, you will be working alongside many other individuals, ones who have years of experience in the work world. Many of those individuals have probably been with the company that you are interning with for a while. At one point, they were new too. It’s okay to ask them about their experience with the company… come on, you know everyone likes to talk about themselves! Accept that you may not be as experienced, but you are just as qualified!

3. Always offer a helping hand

When someone in the company is seeking assistance (directly or indirectly), be that person to volunteer! They will remember you, and this act of kindness will go far. One time, there was a lot of hustle & bustle around the office. I knew I had to step in, so I asked someone who certainly had their hands full if they needed help. They couldn’t have been happier to have a helping hand, someone to simply hold some papers for them. Juggling too much is never fun, and you should strive to be as helpful as you possibly can!

4. Build strong relationships

During your internship, you will meet many new people. It is so important to build strong relationships. It is especially important to maintain clear communication with your HR recruiter and your manager. Don’t only go to them when you need something… talk regularly and keep the line of communication open. Fostering relationships with coworkers will be to your advantage when you need some help, when you need a connection, or when you want to stay and grow within the company. Overall, just be you!

5. Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to speak up or ask for help. Often times, your manager is not fully aware of how much you know prior to your internship. Therefore, you should ask for further instructions when they are not clear to you. If not, you will waste time trying to figure it out. Your managers are there to help you, and they want to so it’s okay to ask away!

6. Be ready to work hard

Internships are like a job but don’t last as long. Take your internship just as seriously as you would for a job, and work very hard. You never know where the internship will take you and the amount you can learn if you set your mind to it. During each internship, I was glad to take on every task, no big or how small, in order to get the job done. Your manager will notice your hard work, and it will pay off.

written by: Sydney Sable

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