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College Seniors Feel The Effects of COVID 19

How to handle school work from home

COVID19 is affecting many people right now. Individuals in the workforce and individuals entering the workforce are scared for their future, as everyone feels we are facing uncertain times creating shockwaves for all industries including pharmacists, doctors, nurses, restaurant owners, and so many more. Although the effects of COVID19 can be felt around the world, our lives will continue to progress and soon us college seniors we will be entering the workforce as college graduates! Right now is a hectic time for all, and while we continue to practice social distancing, college senior's job search can be negatively impacted by the lack of communication, interaction, and business outreach.

College seniors: you are not alone. COVID19 is altering many lives right now and may affect the way the future pans out. The best thing to do is to stay focused on your schoolwork and your current responsibilities. However, the end of the year is approaching, and it is important to begin looking for a job position. No matter what, the world is still operating and companies are still looking to fill positions.

Position Placer is the place you should look for your job search. With numerous jobs waiting to be filled, you may discover your dream job on this platform. It is a great way to utilize the internet since that is all we can do nowadays. There are plenty of online resources available to college seniors even if things could take place face-to-face.

Everyone is in this together and wants to know what will happen. Right now, there is no definite answer. As long as you practice social distancing, and continue to take precautions, the quicker this virus will vanish. Focus on the present, and look ahead to the future! You got this; we got this!

Written By: Sydney Sable

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