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Have You Ever Gone To The Beach? Changing Tides.

Staying at home and practicing social distancing seems like the best approach at a time like this. Experiencing a global pandemic was not in anyone’s spring calendars, however, how we react to this experience will be what defines our great comeback as a society. At this point, we are all feeling the effects of COVID19. Self quarantining at home can be difficult, and personally not being able to leave my house, go to dinner, or hang out with friends is begging to feel boring.

Like most others, I have scrolled through my social media finding how my friends or public figures are dealing with isolation. Some have created schedules that they follow rigorously. A schedule can be very beneficial to keep your mind stimulated so you never feel too bored. Others aren’t following a schedule but instead doing miscellaneous activities such as painting, exercising, and cooking. There is no right or wrong way to quarantine. If your day keeps you occupied, mentally stimulated, and away from boredom, those activities are right for you! Whatever you do, do not fall victim to boredom.

Sitting in your house all day with nothing to do besides work and looking at social media will lead to boredom. Boredom tends to lead to procrastination. You tell yourself “I can get it done tomorrow, what else do I have to do?” and “No one else is working right now, why should I be?”. You keep putting tasks off till tomorrow. Does this sound like where you are yet? If not, Good! Don’t let your mindset fall off track. If the rest of the population is at a standstill, this is your opportunity to grow bigger and better.

Have you ever gone to the beach before? You get to the beach in the morning and you set your chairs and umbrella up. You put the cooler in the shade and spread out the towels in the sand. Later in the day, the tide changes and before you know it water is rushing your towels and chairs. It happened slowly yet right before your eyes. It changed from low to high tide, and before you knew it the water was rushing your towels, chairs, speakers, and phones! The tide changes.

Don’t just sit around and wait for the tide change. Expect it and anticipate the change. This is your time to get ahead of every other person laying around bored at home. No one else is looking for jobs at this time, be the student to reach out and apply for positions. People are waiting for this to “all be over” before they begin looking for jobs. Get ahead of them! Be proactive, this is how you stand out! Work when no else wants to. Look for jobs when no one else wants to. Be the student to secure your summer internship before the pandemic ends. Secure your job now, so when the pandemic ends, others are competing over job spots.

Stay Strong.

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