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Interview: A Lack Of Access to Internships

Hearing about other people’s experiences when it comes to internships can be super beneficial. Personally, I learned a lot by reading how people felt going through the internship process. Hopefully, an interview I conducted can help you feel more prepared as well!

A: How did you feel at first when searching for an internship?

B: I felt overwhelmed. The options were endless, but also so limited.

A: Why do you feel that the options were limited?

B: A lot of positions were only offered to graduate students with degrees and years of experience. They also did not match up to anything I was hoping for.

A: How did you end up getting closer to what you wanted?

B: I had to search on various company websites that sounded like a place I would want to intern for.

A: Did that take up a lot of your time?

B: Yes. It would have been better if all of the internships were on one platform.

A: There are platforms that exist. Did you not know about them?

B: I knew about a couple, but I found that the platforms consisted of older internships and the positions had already been filled which was pretty misleading.

A: That makes sense. Lots of students report the same findings when searing for an internship. Would you like to see a more updated, unified platform?

B: Yes, that would be extremely beneficial!

A: Well, you’re in luck. Have you heard of Position Placer?

B: No. What’s that?

A: Position Placer is a new platform designed specifically to pair students and companies. It is an internship only focused platform that lists current, up to date internships that create equal opportunities for all students. What do you think?

B: I think that sounds great! I need to check it out. What is the website?

A: I am so glad. Employees at Position Placer know how difficult it can be for students to find internships and we want to make this process as easy as possible for people like you! The website is

B: Wow. Thank you so much. I will definitely be looking here the next time I need to apply for an internship!

Internships are not easy to look for or to obtain. Position Placer is here for you to have a smoother, more easygoing experience during your internship search. We hope this interview about someone who endured the real-life struggle of an internship encourages you to take a look at Position Placer the next time you need an internship position!

interview conducted by: Sydney Sable

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