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Position Placer: the new internship platform

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Position Placer is the new hiring platform specifically designed for internships. We service students trying to find internships as well as busy companies trying to find their best fit interns. Position Placer was founded in September 2018, and was created because of the obvious need in the market. There are currently 26 million + students enrolled in college around the United States, yet there are very few resources available to students to help them secure an internship. Our goal is to find available internships and make sure every student and applicant actively seeking an opportunity, gets their internship.

No More Resumes

Position Placer is unique because of one major distinction, we do not use a resume. Resumes are outdated technology. Resumes have created a "one size fits all" evaluation method that really does not allow individuals to stand out from their peers.

Evaluation Process: TrueApp

Position Placer ditches the resume and instead uses a series of questions to evaluate a student's characteristics, personality, abilities, skills, and much more. By obtaining the applicant's skills and abilities we know their capabilities. By obtaining the applicant's characteristics and personality we know how they might fit into your company, company culture. Our algorithms match applicant answers with similar answers, provided by the companies, and create a perfect match!

Position Placer is currently a free service. We hope you find your perfect match, and look forward to feedback. Thank You

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