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Part-Time vs Full-Time

I’m sure you’ve heard time and time again how important and beneficial internships are for your future. Well, it’s true; internships are a great way to gain experience and knowledge while providing insight into how the real world operates.

There are all sorts of internships and sometimes more times than not, they are very hard to obtain. It’s important to apply to anything and everything because you have a better chance and will gain valuable exposure in whatever position you hold. Even if you don’t think a position is for you or what you want to do, it is helpful that you had some work experience in an office setting surrounded by other individuals.

Internships can be part-time or full-time. Typically, an internship during a school semester is part-time and an internship during the summer is full-time. This is solely due to the amount of time students can dedicate during each time period. Since students have school during the semester, they have an internship about half the time. During the summer, however, students are more available which is why the internships are mainly full-time.

Personally, I have had several internships that all provided me with diverse experiences. No matter if I loved what I was doing or want to do that job in the future, it was a great way to meet people, make connections, communicate, and learn. I was able to show off my skills and gain new ones that I will take with me to a future role. It’s very beneficial to have some previous experience when interviewing for a full-time role. I have held an internship during the semester as well as a couple during the summer. It’s especially great for your resume which is super important to build up throughout college.

You can never be too early to begin looking for an internship. I have realized that most students obtain their first internship as they are entering their junior year. Summer is a very popular time considering students are off from school and companies are looking for some extra help around the office. If, however, you have some extra time during the semester, why not intern then?

I found myself having extra time on my hands during my spring semester of senior year (which is now)! I decided an internship would be the perfect thing for me to fill my time with.

As you have more and more internships and gain more and more experience, the search may get easier and you may be hired even quicker... for an internship or a real job! Check out Position Placer if you’re in need of a great internship.

written by: Sydney Sable

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