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School, Work, & Life: Finding Your Balance

Do you ever find it hard to balance school, work, and life itself? If so, you’re not alone. The struggle is real. 24 hours in a day seems like so many, but not when you go to school for 4 hours, go to work for 4 hours, must complete your homework, and still try to maintain a social life. The real question becomes: how many cups of coffee can one person have a day to get through it all and how many texts do you have to send to keep in touch with friends (since you know, hanging out in person is too time-consuming)?

There have been many times where I feel overwhelmed trying to maintain a balance and I know many can relate. I have been envious of those who have so much free time on their hands. However, being productive is my middle name. Having nothing to do all day would scare me and I am thankful for being busy most of the time.

All seriousness, I have found the answer to be known as organization. I am someone who goes to school as a part-time student who has taken on two internships and desires to have free time in the day to hang out with friends, watch a show, read a book, cook, and a lot more. How do I do it all? Well, sometimes I don’t. But once again, the answer is organization.

My calendar and my notes on both my phone and computer are super necessary in my life. I don’t remember the days I didn’t jot everything down I had to get done whether it be an assignment for school or for work, an errand, an appointment, or a packing list. The reason I must have gone to bed at 1 am and woke up at 6 am in high school was because I wasn’t as organized. There’s not one specific task to use the calendar or notes for... it’s there for everything, and it keeps me from procrastinating or forgetting what needs to be done. It truly becomes a habit, a very helpful habit.

Of course, it is inevitable that when you’re busy, you’re busy. One of the best things about organizing in a calendar or notes, it lays out what needs to be done and by when. Therefore, you see what days you need to accomplish each task, however, make sure there is some time for yourself. I’ve found that even driving alone, walking to class, going to the gym, supermarket shopping, or the half-hour before I go to sleep are the small times to myself that I should appreciate. 7 hours of free time per day is just unrealistic, so try to appreciate the minutes in life that are!

written by: Sydney Sable

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