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Should I take the unpaid internship?

I think this is a really important question that many students face when trying to find the right internship. When looking for the right internship, one of the main fields of criteria is "paid" or "unpaid". I think the obvious choice that all applicants hope for is finding a paid position. As a student, money can most definitely be tight and having a source of income is crucial. In my opinion, I have seen a trend that more companies are offering paid internship positions. I think many companies are really beginning to see the value of having extra minds and hands around the office. A new perspective and fresh ideas can really help businesses follow current trends and stay recent. So, if I find the perfect internship but it is an unpaid position, should I still take the internship? The answer to this question will vary for many of you and could even change the next semester. Taking an unpaid internship means you will not make any money for the time you spend working as an intern. Many companies offer internships and do not pay because they feel the internship experience is valuable. I believe all interns should be paid, however, if an internship is offered at a company that really excites you and peaks your interest, sometimes that experience and the connections you make will be extremely valuable to your future. Internships are very time consuming and it's important to become an expert in time management, or at least try! You will have to balance your busy school schedule, your new internship, and your social life. It's a lot for anyone to balance. STAY AHEAD OF THE UNPAID INTERNSHIP WITH THESE TIPS:

Remote Internship

Look for the remote internship. A remote internship can have an intern working on social media, writing, and editing, or conducting market research, all from an intern's dorm room. A remote internship would allow for more flexibility. Because interns are not required to be in the office, the intern can focus on school work and their side job, then complete the internship work by the due date; at the convenience of their schedule. Position Placer currently lists 10 remote internships ranging from PR, editorial, marketing and more! Check them out now!

Link to current internships--> If you don't ask, the answer is already NO

This is something my parents have always said to me. This saying isn't just applicable to internships, but for every situation in life. If you don't ask your question, the answer is automatically no. If the internship position is listed as "unpaid", ask them for a weekly salary. Ask the hiring manager for minimum wage. Ask the interviewer if they could offer payment for the position. You have nothing to lose, and only money to gain! You already were not going to get paid, so what is the harm in asking?

Work Hard, Get Noticed

Hard work never goes unnoticed. Even if you think your efforts are not being recognized or noticed by your employer, trust me they are. Companies are always looking to hire strong, hard-working individuals. If the internship is unpaid, prove to them you can work hard, accomplish the tasks, and outwork your competition. The company will recognize your tenacity and will want you working for them. This can lead to an employment offer or an incredible recommendation letter. Always remember to network and build your connections, you never know who may be helpful in your future!

So... should I take the unpaid internship? Yes! If that internship is something you are passionate about, the internship is at a company you really want to work for, and or the internship can offer incredible work experience and connections that can help your professional career in the future, take the internship. Over everything, you will gain work experience and you will undoubtedly learn something new!

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