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Where Can I find an Internship?

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Are you wondering where you can find an internship?

As a student at the University of Maryland, I know I am not alone in feeling that internships can be hard to obtain! My friends have had similar experiences. Whether it was not knowing if the position is still available because the website didn’t specify or having difficulty navigating the website, it made things difficult.

Although I have obtained two internships over my past two summers, it was not an easy process. The struggle of finding an updated and trustworthy platform along with the right company/position for me has been a challenge. Often times, platforms are not updated that the position has been filled. That becomes a problem because it means that people are spending lots of time applying to a position that they have no chance of obtaining since someone else already did. I started to realize that positions posted ‘30+ days ago’ were often filled, and positions posted ‘less than a week ago’ were most likely still seeking interns. The great thing about Position Placer is that positions are always updated. Any position that you see on the website is available, and is actively seeking someone to fill that internship role!

There is evidently a lot of competition amongst college-aged students when it comes to obtaining an internship for the summer or semester. Personally, I held my first internship during the summer going into junior year of college and my second one during the summer going into my senior year of college. I have always been eager to obtain an internship which can provide me with more knowledge and worldly experience.

As a second semester senior, I was lucky enough to come across Position Placer, a hiring platform that truly makes it as easy as possible to find the available internship of your choice. After searching the website, I immediately applied to a position called ‘Social Media Internship.’ I was simply required to select the internship of my choice, meet to discuss the position, and soon enough, I was hired! This simple process made my internship experience that much better.

Working for Position Placer has been a great experience thus far; creating Instagram posts and blog posts is a valuable learning experience that I can do from the comfort of my own home.

Whether you want a more reserved internship, want to get out there and be a Campus Ambassador, or work for a totally separate company, there is truly something for everyone on Position Placer! I would highly recommend this platform to everyone I know! It is the perfect platform for me, and many others, to use!

A new internship platform that serves YOU and offers a variety of other companies is exactly what we, as students, need! 

Want an internship for the summer? Want an internship for the semester? Want one for the entire year? You'll find whatever it is that you are looking for on Position Placer, the newest hiring platform! What are you waiting for? Go check it out!

written by: Sydney Sable

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